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See Liveli's Dr. James Lee on Wellness Hour

Our very own Dr. James Lee was a special guest on The Randy and Christa Show's Wellness Hour.

Guess what? Your Mental Health is Key for Your Brain Health, too.

This World Mental Health Day, we’re taking some time to talk about why you should love your brains and all that comes with them.

Ingredients Lineup: GABA, a Sleep Peacefulli Powerhouse Ingredient

Meet GABA, an ingredient we include in our Sleep Peacefulli formula that's key to relaxation.

Yes, You Do Need To Take Your Vitamins. Here’s Why.

Taking our vitamins as adults is critical so we can get nutrients we need for our brains and bodies to function as best they can.

Biohacking 101: Is It Worth The Hype?

We’re here to clear the air on what biohacking really means, and what we can actually do to make our brains and bodies healthier.

Ingredients Lineup: Introducing Your B Vitamins

B vitamins might just be the unsung heroes of health. But are we getting enough of our recommended intake?

Wave Hello to your Brainwaves, Your Brain's Operating System

The more we know about our brainwaves, the better we can focus, sleep, and maintain our balance — key to supporting brain health.

Green Thumbs Rejoice: Boost Your Health with Indoor Plants

Houseplants possess numerous health benefits that prove they’re more than just a pretty face.

Prioritize Your Brain Health at Any Age With These 5 Lifestyle Habits

It’s time to maximize our brain health and in doing so, our overall wellness by incorporating these brain-healthy lifestyle habits.

Hack Your Happy: Meet Your Brain’s Smile-Boosting Chemicals

We’re all about brain health here, and happiness is one of our favorite keys to brain health and longevity.