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Guess what? Your Mental Health is Key for Your Brain Health, too.

This World Mental Health Day, we’re taking some time to talk about why you should love your brains and all that comes with them.

Green Thumbs Rejoice: Boost Your Health with Indoor Plants

Houseplants possess numerous health benefits that prove they’re more than just a pretty face.

5 Tips to Keep Your Cool this Holiday Season

We’ve narrowed down our top five tips to destress throughout the holiday season so you can enjoy all things merry & bright.

Stressed? Try these 5 Practices to Chill Out.

While our responsibilities and commitments are important, what is even more critical is that we take care of ourselves first.

Prioritize Your Brain Health at Any Age with These 5 Lifestyle Habits

It’s time to maximize our brain health and in doing so, our overall wellness by incorporating these brain-healthy lifestyle habits.

Dr. James’ Brain Boosting Smoothie

While we love our supplements, we believe health involves more than what vitamins we’re taking –– it’s what we’re eating, drinking, and thinking, too.

Your Ultimate Guide For Summer Hydration

We’ve got everything you need to keep cool and hydrated this summer so you can beat (and enjoy!) the heat.

Eat These 5 Foods to Get Your Mind Right

Boost your brain by eating these favorite foods for neurological health.

Our Essential Oil Picks to Pair with Your Liveli All In System

Today on the blog, we’re finding the best essential oils to pair with your All In System nootropic supplements.

Try These 4 Practices to Enhance Your Cognitive Focus

We’ve narrowed down our top 4 practices that help enhance our cognitive focus.

Meditation for Brain Health & Beyond: What We Need to Know

It seems like meditation is everywhere these days. But what exactly is meditation, and how do we do it?