What Are Adaptogens and Why Are They In Our Brain Health Supplements?

What are they?

In its simplest definition, an adaptogen is an herb that helps the human body adapt to stress. This class of herbs and mushrooms are found in nature, usually growing in harsh conditions which make their impact so strong. They are non-toxic to the recipient and not meant to target specific conditions, but to support overall wellbeing.

Adaptogens can be consumed in many ways, but popular favorites include incorporating powders into lattes and teas, taking them as supplements, or using their liquid extracts. There are many different kinds of adaptogens (we’ll get into that!), so finding the kind that is best for you is crucial.

How do they work?

Adaptogens work by interacting with our hormones to manage our body’s response to stress, reducing the physiological responses that are associated with anxieties and fight-or-flight responses. They help manage anything between a stressful day at work, a weakened immune system, or an inability to fall asleep by bringing our bodies back to homeostasis.

They have become a new method of treating both anxiety and insomnia, as well as increasing our tolerance to mental exhaustion and increasing our ability to maintain focus. Adaptogens are able to enhance the body’s ability to react and adjust to any stressors without any harsh jolting or crashing.

Noteworthy adaptogens include Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Rhodiola Extract, Ginseng, Maca, and Milk Thistle. Each have different purposes –– some include aiding relaxation, encouraging focus, enhancing sexual health, and boosting our immune systems.

What noteworthy adaptogens are in Liveli?

We've included one of the buzziest adaptogens right now, Ashwagandha, in our Sleep Peacefulli formula. It promotes a calming of the brain, has shown to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, and has been found to boost the immune system. It is known for its relaxing properties by helping the body return back to baseline through easing the effects of stressors.

Rhodiola increases energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity, as well as helps the body to manage physical and environmental stressors. Interested in incorporating Rhodiola into your lifestyle? We've included it in Focus Clearli

Both Focus Clearli and Restore Dayli include Korean Ginseng Root Extract. This powerhouse adaptogen has been used as part of Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. It helps to boost energy, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, reduce stress, manage diabetes, and is even used for male sexual dysfunction. It has also been used to enhance memory, concentration and learning.

Moving forward, how do I incorporate Adaptogens in my wellness routine?

After you get your dose of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Korean Ginseng from your Liveli All In System, consuming adaptogens in teas and lattes is an easy (and tasty!) way of garnering their numerous benefits. It's important to remember that to fully reap the benefits of adaptogens, it takes continual use rather than a little bit here and there. That's why we recommend taking our products for at least one week to start noticing their full effects. 

Questions about Adaptogens? Let us know in the comments below. 

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