You've Got Your Brain Health Supplements. What's Next?

We’d like to think that there are few things better than checking our doorstep and seeing that red and white box filled with our nootropic supplements, getting us one step closer to optimizing our brain health. So what do we do when we get our All In System delivered? We’re here to break it all down so you can begin to #LiveAllin.Beginning your brain health supplement regimen with the All In System

You’re officially a member of the Livelihood. Welcome! Let’s get started by checking out what’s on the surface. We begin with our story, as told by our Stanford-educated formulators, Dr. James Lee and Dr. Tess Mauricio. We want to ensure that you are getting the best ingredients possible, researched, and sourced with diligence and passion.

Meet Restore Dayli

restore dayli nootropic supplement

Beginning with our all-out multitasking superhero –– part vitamin, part cognitive support formula –– Restore Dayli keeps it simple when it comes to how-to-use. Each box contains a one month's supply: 30 dual-compartment packets, each with two tablets on one side and two softgels on the other.

Your daily dose is one dual-compartment packet which contains four Restore Dayli pills (two tablets and two softgels). One compartment has the oil soluble gelcaps and the other has the water soluble tablet. We package them in separate compartments instead of together in order to ensure best efficacy.

We recommend you take your Restore in the morning or when you usually take your multivitamin. Ultimately, Restore Dayli is perfect for anyone who is looking for a  high-potency multivitamin and mineral complex that supports full body wellness while also providing targeted support for cognitive health.Let’s Get Focused

focus brain health supplement

Next in your box is your mid-afternoon slump savior. Become more fully present in each moment without the kick-and-crash of yet another cup of coffee. Each box of Focus Clearli contains a one month's supply – 25 packets with two tablets in each. You might be wondering why there’s only 25 packets in a month’s supply. Both Focus Clearli and Sleep Peacefulli come in a 25-day supply because we recommend to cycle them 5 days on, 2 days off (typically taking the  weekend off). In the nootropics industry, most products are recommended to be cycled to allow your brain to reset back to base-level during the two day "off" period. Your daily dose is one packet which contains two Focus Clearli tablets. However, if you are more sensitive to caffeine-related products or haven’t had much to eat that day, you can reduce to 1 tablet while also avoiding highly caffeinated beverages.Take your Focus Clearli about an hour before you need to be at your peak performance, and always take with food.Catch some Zzzzzs.

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It’s time to wind down from your day and get ready for a night of rest ensuring a refreshing next morning. Like Focus Clearli, each box of Sleep Peacefulli contains a one month's supply of 25 packets with two tablets in each. Again, if you find yourself more sensitive to certain aids (such as melatonin), we recommend just starting with one tablet.Take 1-2 tablets (one packet) about an hour before bed as you're winding down, and avoiding use of other sedatives in addition to Sleep Peacefulli. Get ready for your best sleep ever!Be a part of the Livelihood community.

Now that you’ve unboxed those wonderful brain health supplements, connect with members of the Livelihood and share how you choose to #LiveAllin. We are always here to answer your questions. You can shoot us an email, join us for Doctor's Hours on our Instagram @jointhelivelihood every other Wednesday at 12pm PST, tweet us @theLiveli, or send us a Facebook message here. We're also online to chat from 10am-4pm PST every business day.

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