Green Thumbs Rejoice: Boost Your Health with Indoor Plants

It’s no secret that houseplants are one of the top wellness trends of 2018. Not only are they a great addition to your space from an aesthetic standpoint, they possess numerous health benefits that prove they’re more than just a pretty face. However, Americans are spending more and more time indoors (93% of our time, to be exact) and therefore not reaping the health benefits that engaging in nature can provide. We’ve got you covered for why, and how, you should start incorporating plants into your daily life for a much-needed wellness boost.

Plants can help lower blood pressure and heart rate

Yes — you read that right. Studies have shown that there are several therapeutic effects that come from being surrounded by plants. One study in particular found that “forest bathing,” which simply means to take in the forest or forest-like atmospheres through our senses, can actually reduce hypertension in the elderly, making it an effective method towards prevention for cardiovascular disorders.

Indoor houseplants improve air quality

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Having your favorite indoor-friendly plants in your space at home helps to keep toxins out of the air. In fact, without any detoxification efforts in your home, the indoors can contain as many pollutants as the urban outdoors. Whether its chemicals released through old ventilation techniques, harmful materials from household cleaning products, or indoor particulate matter pollution, chances are that your home could use a dose of greenery to help keep it clean. Indoor plants reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, reduce levels of pollutants, reduce dust levels, and help maintain lower air temperatures.

Plants can boost our levels of productivity

Studies have actually shown that house plants improve concentration and productivity levels up to 15%. If you’re struggling to look at spreadsheets all day, try sprucing up your office space with a plant or two and enjoy the fresh energy. Also helpful in maintaining focus? Less background noise. If you work in a busy office space or live in a city with considerable street noise, adding houseplants can actually help absorb or diffract sound.

Houseplants help us enjoy a happier mood

It’s been shown that keeping your favorite spaces flush with greenery can have an impact on our overall happiness. This is in part due to the fact that plants and nature make us feel more relaxed, which leads to an improved mood overall. Another surprising reason? It’s been found that the microbiome that’s present in soil (mycobacterium vaccae) has antidepressant qualities — even more reason to start playing with plants.

New to houseplants? Try these.

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Snake Plant

Inexpensive and easy to maintain, snake plants are a great choice for aspiring and experienced green thumbs alike. They are great for improving indoor air quality, part of the reason why they have been coined “the bedroom plant.” They’re also known among green thumbs to reduce headaches and improve energy levels.

Aloe Vera

is well known in holistic circles to bring positive energy into the home, known as the “plant of immortality” by the Egyptians. More scientifically speaking, its a low maintenance plant that boasts many air purification qualities. It’s even been found to improve memory and reduce depression in mice!

English Ivy

just a beautiful touch to any home, English Ivy is great for allergies and asthma by reducing airborne mold and formaldehyde. It has also been found to improve your sleep quality if you have it in your bedroom. If you’re looking to catch a few more winks of sleep at night, consider English Ivy (and Sleep Peacefulli).

Areca Palm

plant is another known air-purifier and a great statement piece for any room. By breathing in more pure air when we’re both awake and asleep, we can reduce our anxiety levels and lower our blood pressure.

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