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Our 7 Classifications of Ingredients & Why We Use Them

When formulating the All In System, it was critical for Dr. James and Dr. Tess to find the right, quality ingredients to serve the different purposes that our brains and our bodies need. When you see that Liveli has over 70 ingredients, its easy to get lost as to which ingredient does what exactly — which is why we’re here to clear the air.


Nootropics are substances sourced from food that are found to support memory and cognitive function. They function by increasing blood flow to the brain, providing antioxidant properties, and supporting a stable mood.

These include Cayenne Pepper, Valerian Root, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Turmeric, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Lemon Balm.


We include the key vitamins you need not only for cognitive support, but to encourage your full-body wellness, too (which is why we include so many in our Restore Dayli formula). We use all eight B vitamins for their role in the Kreb’s cycle and importance in supporting healthy neurons and neurotransmitters. We also use Vitamin A for its role in creating new nerve cells, Vitamin D for neuronal communication, Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties, and Vitamin K for its role in the development of new cells. We include all of these because oftentimes, we aren't getting enough or absorbing enough from our diets alone.


Similar to the use of vitamins, we use minerals for their role in supporting healthy bodily functions. They aren’t produced naturally by our bodies, so we need to make sure we are getting the doses we need through a healthy diet and additional supplementation. Minerals are critical for the maintenance of bone strength, benefit our immune system, contribute to enzymatic vitality, and help support effective neuronal communication.

Some of the minerals we include are Iron, Chromium, Magnesium, Copper, and Calcium.


Precursors are the building blocks we need to create and support our neurotransmitters to help maintain and encourage our brain function. These are antioxidants, amino acids, and compounds which help regulate our hormones by forming the neurotransmitters we need.

Some of the precursors we include in our formulas to support and encourage the formation of neurotransmitters are GABA, 5HTP, L-Theanine, and Myo-Inositol.


Dr. James and Dr. Tess included biomolecules found to be highly supportive of brain function and hormone levels.

We use CoQ10 for its role in the Kreb’s cycle for cellular energy, Phosphatidylcholine as it is a part of the neuronal cell wall and support for various neurotransmitters, and Phosphatidylserine which helps regulate cortisol levels and operates as an important building block for neurons.


Botanicals have long been used throughout history to support the body and its functions, and many in particular are used to encourage brain health.

We use botanicals like Ashwagandha Root Extract and Bacopa Leaf Extract for their support of stress mitigation and mentation, Ginger as it is believed to support attention span, and Rhodiola Root Extract to encourage mental capacity.


Oils are critical for supporting long-term brain health as well as supporting heart health. We use DHA, EPA, Lecithin Oil, Soybean Oil, and Flaxseed Oil to support a healthy cell membrane.

Quality Sourcing and Testing

All of the ingredients we use are subject to rigorous testing processes to ensure our products are free of pesticides, microbiological problems, or heavy metals. Our formulas consist of pure ingredients that have been individually selected, sourced, traced and tested, and are ethically manufactured in Southern California in a GMP-certified facility.  Now, you know you’re getting the very best.

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