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Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine with These 5 Habits

As spring comes around the corner, it’s not only an ideal time to organize and welcome a new season, but it’s the perfect time to take some inventory on our current wellness practices. We’ve rounded up our favorites to give our wellness routines a much-needed springtime boost.
Take time every day to get outside. 
With the warmer weather and longer days that come with springtime, it’s easy to get outside and soak up some much needed Vitamin D, which provides a variety of health benefits including the support of calcium absorption and many benefits to mood.

Getting outside has also been shown to help our cognitive health and abilities. Studies have found that when individuals take a break to get outside, their mental energy improves. This was even shown to improve when individuals were just shown pictures of nature. Another study examining college students found that when students were asked to repeat certain number sequences, their performance was more accurate after taking time in nature.

Taking time outside can lower our stress levels, too. Studies have found that time in nature can reduce mental exhaustion and lower levels of our stress hormone, cortisol. 
Incorporate fresh, seasonal produce into your diet.
Better weather means one great thing for your pantry — seasonal produce! Eating seasonally has great health benefits, and provides a great reason to head to a farmer’s market and support your local community.

When we eat what’s in season, we’re likely going to be consuming produce that grows free of human assistance such as pesticides and genetic modification, as it’s more likely to be able to grow fresh on its own. Produce that grows seasonally is going to be picked when it’s fully developed, which means it will have had more sun exposure and therefore will be more packed with health-boosting antioxidants.

Eating seasonal, local produce encourages us to get in the kitchen and cook more, which is great for your health (and your wallet). When we prepare our own meals, we have the full ability to control what we’re consuming, and are more likely to make health conscious choices.

Take your vitamins (of course).
We’ve certainly talked about why you need to take your vitamins here before, but we believe that spring cleaning is the perfect time to take an inventory of what nutrients we're getting — and we might be missing.

Our bodies can’t give us every vitamin we need to function, and they can’t produce essential minerals we need either. We try to get what we need from a healthy diet first, but even then we struggle to adequately absorb each one we need.

American diets are typically high in calories and low in nutrients, which is why vitamins are essential to a healthy routine. It’s even more difficult to know which vitamins we’re missing (such as whether we’re deficient in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or anywhere in between). A great solution? Finding a multivitamin that covers all of your bases.
Make hydration a priority.
Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water is one of the simplest ways to boost our health, yet one of the things we most often tend to forget.

Mild dehydration, even just a fluid loss of 1-3%, can impair our cognitive function significantly, leading to a loss of focus, energy levels, and a diminished mood. This is because our brains rely upon sufficient blood flow in order to function properly. Our blood flow to the brain depends upon how much water we drink, so if we don’t get enough, our blood flow to the brain is reduced. Our brains then perform less than optimally, leading to troubles concentrating. So if you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to focus, reaching for a glass of H20 might do the trick.

Drinking plenty of water also does wonders for the healthy immune function. Our skin is our body’s main barrier against potential pathogens, and if our skin becomes dry and cracked due to dehydration, those pathogens are more likely to enter the body.

Explore natural, non-toxic cleaning alternatives.
It’s no secret that plenty of household cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals we should probably avoid. This spring, try finding natural options for cleaning products that not only will keep your house clean, but the people inside it healthy.

Switching to non-toxic cleaning products provides better air quality as you’ll no longer be breathing in the fumes of harmful chemicals in the air or on surfaces, and they won’t be absorbed into the skin either. Natural cleaning products are safe around kids, clean effectively, and reduce the air pollution in your home and in the environment.

With natural cleaning alternatives, you can comfortably know what’s in the product cleaning your home. In fact, many natural cleaning products contain essential oils (such as tea tree oil), which have been shown to have many health benefits.
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