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Yes, You Do Need to Take Your Vitamins. Here’s Why.

When we were children, we were told to take our vitamins every day. But guess what? That shouldn’t change as we get older. It’s just as important as adults to get the nutrients we need so our brains and bodies can function as best they can. Our bodies are unable to produce all of the nutrients we need to function properly, so we have to ingest them.

It all starts with a healthy diet.

Because our bodies can’t produce every vitamin we need to live and operate at our best, we look to a healthy diet first. We do this by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables (the more color on your plate, the better!), as well as whole grains, fish, and meat. It’s essential we eat a balanced diet, never skip meals, and avoid highly processed foods in order to consume as many nutrients as we can. However, it can be very difficult to rely on diet alone for our recommended daily intake of nutrients, especially for those who have restricted diets or are vegan or vegetarian.

But sometimes diet isn’t enough.

It’s difficult to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone, too — and even more difficult recently. Take it from Dr. James:

“We’ve evolved from a diverse diet to food that is primarily a result of mass production. Now, we only get certain nutrients and need to supplement what we’re missing.”

We used to get most of the nutrients we need through nature, especially at the time of hunter-gatherers scrounging for food. But now, most foods (even marketed ‘healthy’ foods) are processed or treated in ways that make them lose their nutritional value and in doing so, lose the essential vitamins we need. That’s why we turn to supplementation.

Vitamins and our brain health

Ensuring we get the nutrients we need isn’t just critical to our full-body wellness — it’s critical to ensuring the health of our brains. Neurons are among the most active cells in the human body, which means they need the particular biomolecules provided in vitamins the most.

When formulating Liveli, Dr. James ensured our neurons get the molecules they need so our brains function as best they can. He provided Vitamin A for its neuronal support qualities, Vitamin C for its ability to help support neurotransmitters, and Vitamin D for its calcium processing qualities. Our formula also contains Vitamin E for its role in living inside the membrane providing help against free radicals, and Vitamin K’s blood vessel support in getting oxygen and nutrients into the brain. If you’re a frequent reader of The Wave, you know we include all of the B vitamins in our formula, and you can learn why here.

Bottom line? Its time to start taking your vitamins again.

The more our diets evolve from sources primarily found in nature into foods produced in mass quantities, the more likely it is we are deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients. The most common deficiencies in the United States?

How do you know if you might have a deficiency? You can go to your physician for a blood test to find out. Odds are if you’re feeling more sluggish than usual, there’s a chance you could be deficient in any of these vitamins.

It's time to get back into taking your daily vitamins. Not sure where to begin? We recommend giving this a look. 

If you're interested in learning more about our formulas, you can read the science behind Dr. Lee’s formulation here, as well as explore our Quality + Science  page for more information about each ingredient in each formula.

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