ICYMI: Your Wellness Roundup

Welcome to your Liveli #WellnessRoundup. We want to keep you in the know of all the buzziest wellness news and stories circulating the web from our favorite sources of all things healthy and good. 

3 Unexpected Ways to Keep Your Gut Healthy | Well + Good

Our friends at Well + Good know a lot about gut health. So much of our health stems from our gut, which makes it a top priority for those looking to live their healthiest, happiest lives (including us). Deep breathing, a diet with plenty of fermented foods, and plant-based fiber are some of Well + Good’s suggestion for a happy tummy. Read the full post here.

A Common Virus May Play A Role in Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds | The New York Times

The New York Times reveals a groundbreaking new study that shows that two types of herpes may be linked to Alzheimer’s (Herpes 6A and 7, which have the ability to enter brain cells).  While the results are far from concrete, they do show promise for progress towards finding the causes and cures for the disease.

Mindfulness: 17 Simple Ways to Do It | Cleveland Clinic

Whether it’s taking a deep breath, gardening, or practicing yoga, the Cleveland Clinic outlines 17 ways for us to incorporate mindful moments into every day to reap its health boosting benefits. We’re all about boosting our mental and physical health here at Liveli, and if doing such simple things like taking a few minutes to ourselves can get us there, we’re all for it. Learn more ways to practice mindfulness in the piece here

Half Of The Population Is Deficient In This Ancient Hormone. Are You? | Mindbodygreen

Okay -- hold up. Did you know that half of the population goes undiagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency? Did you also know that Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to depression, many types of cancer, heart disease, chronic muscle pain, and much more? Vitamin D comes from sunlight, but if you’re not lucky enough to live in a climate where sunlight is a given, there are other options. Mindbodygreen’s article on this crazy phenomenon tells us how to know if we are deficient, and what to do about it.

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