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You’ve Got Your Brain Health Supplements. What’s Next?

Woohoo! It’s Delivery Day. We’re so happy you’ve joined the Livelihood. Now that your Liveli has arrived, what do you do now? Set a schedule.
It can be easy to forget to take your vitamins when you get caught up in all the craziness of a busy week. The easy thing to do to ensure you stay on your routine? Set a schedule to take your Liveli alongside tasks you do on a daily basis. That way, you’ll remember it each day without adding on anything to your to-do list. It can be as simple as remembering to take your Restore Dayli with your morning cup of coffee and breakfast, your Focus Clearli after lunch or when you would normally take an afternoon coffee break, and your Sleep Peacefulli when you do your nightly routine. Learn how to use.
To maximize the benefits of your Liveli subscription, we recommend following our How to Use instructions. Bedtime: Sleep Peacefulli

Take your recommended bedtime dose of one to two tablets (one packet) about an hour before bed, as you’re winding down. If you find yourself sensitive to two tablets, we recommend trying out just one tablet as that might work best for you. Morning: Restore Dayli

Take two tablets & two softgels daily in the morning (or when you normally take your multivitamin) with food or beverage. Day: Focus Clearli

Take your recommended dose of one to two tablets (one packet), with food, about an hour before you want to be at your peak performance. Always take with food, and if you find yourself sensitive to caffeine, try just one tablet.
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Many of the ingredients in our formulas take regular usage in order to feel most of their impact. We recommend tracking your progress so you can see how far you’ve come since starting your Liveli! Have a journal you use to keep track of your goals? Try adding in a weekly check in to see how Liveli is working for you. Have any questions? We're here to answer! Drop us an email at  

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